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"Ring Cam started as an engineering project between four friends at Hope College to help another friend get engaged. The proposal went so well and the video was posted online. A year later that same video was featured on Good Morning America and people from all over the world started reaching out, asking how they would be able to use the product themselves. Since then, thousands of proposals have been captured by Ring Cam worldwide."
Why: Slide 1- SAM and JESS Why customers love the Ring Cam

Video testimonial about how women forget what is said during their proposal.1.     Why customers love Ring Cam: 1. Testimonial about how women forget what is said during their proposal, 2. People love the idea of recording it without someone else there, 3. You’re going to want to show this to people for the rest of your life (wouldn’t you want to see your parents’ proposal)
Why: Slide 2-Ultimate marketing tool (Video) 

Ring cam is your ultimate referral tool for bridal engagements. Statistics show that 4 out of every 5 bridesmaids get engaged within 18 months of each other. 
One bridal purchase through your store via Ring Cam can lead to a tree branch of referrals for more engagement ring purchases.
Here's how it works:
Ring cam videos are emotional and celebratory videos that often generate viral traffic. We have found that: 
80% of millennial couples share their proposals on social media within 3 days of their engagement. That means they have already told their network about the proposal by the time they come back to your store.
90% of ring cam customers announce their engagement through their ring cam announcement page online.
Each announcement page averages 250 views.
150 of these views are Millennials, And
110 of these viewers will be getting engaged within the next 18 months.
You get the picture. Our videos generate viral content that are direct impressions and share of mind for your customers' friends and family who will also be getting engaged.
Ultimately this will make your store stand out among the many others in your area.
How: Slide 1-How to use a Ring Cam (Tips & Tricks Video)

It is very important that you tell your customer to practice 3-4 times before proposing so that they get it down !!!!!
How: Slide 2-The process:
The Checkout: Once your customer is ready to incorporate the Ring Cam into their proposal, all you have to do is submit their information via our jeweler checkout form. Simply enter the customer’s email and phone number so that they can receive information on their video following their proposal and hear from their wingman! Ring Cam wingmen are associates who have proposed with the Ring Cam in the past who will e-mail the customer offering proposal and video advice as well as tech support.
The Proposal: Do your best to remind the customer to practice before the proposal. Whether it’s practicing with you, a family member, or anyone available in order to become familiar with the box so that they get the perfect shot. The key is that they don’t have to worry about anything the day of the proposal besides celebrating with their fiancé.  
Post Proposal: Following the proposal, the customer will be emailed a link of where to upload the video. On the upload page they simply enter their name, how they got engaged, and from where they got the Ring Cam. We will send you and your customer the video within 24 hours so that you can celebrate together in person and on social media! When the customer returns to the store, check to make sure they uploaded their video to receive their complimentary video edit. And of course, celebrate with your customer!

Sale: Slide 3-TAMI Video: ask the right questions (get to know the customer, learn about proposal plans, where they went on their first date, do not grill customer, use RC as an add-on sale or differentiator)

Who: Slide 1  ~Customer A, Detail-Focused Guy, slideshow:
"Let’s put some of Tami’s advice to practice!  As you know, there are a variety of men who come in looking for an engagement ring, but Ring Cam is a special addition to anyone’s proposal.
Some men come in and already know exactly what they want. Let's call him the detail-focused guy: He is focused on the product and he’s already considered quality, grades, and price. It’s important to respect and reassure his research, then pull him back to the real reason for his purchase. Although he is very driven toward the ring he wants, still get to know about his fiancé. Why did he pick what he picked for her? How did they meet? What is his plan for proposing? Listen carefully and remember details.  Once the customer has officially made his choice, present Ring Cam as a logical conclusion. Something like... “Now that you’ve found the perfect woman and have selected the perfect ring, we’re going to help you capture your once-in-a-lifetime moment….”

Who: Slide 2  ~Customer B, Clueless Romantic, slideshow:
On the other hand…some men come in with their head in the clouds, somewhat of a clueless romantic.He knows what he wants in an engagement ring, but doesn’t really know what he wants exactly and needs a lot of direction.  Start off letting him be the expert by talking about HER.   “Tell me about your fiancée” is a great place to start.  Ask about them – about his plan for proposing as part of discussing the right ring.  Plant the seed for using Ring Cam early on by talking about the importance of the moment and of capturing the experience.  Once the customer has made a choice, present the Ring Cam as part of the process. Include something like... “…and when she sees her ring for the first time, you’ll be capturing the moment so she can share it with friends, family and even your kids someday!”

Who: Slide 3  ~Customer C, Couple Together, slideshow:
And finally, sometimes the couple comes in together:As part of your conversation, learn all you can about the couple – about her, about their history and about what’s important to them.  Be sure to get follow up contact info for him.  Check in with him after the sale (maybe via e-mail/phone) but before he picks up the ring to discuss his proposal plan and to present Ring Cam.  Remember that when the couple is shopping together, there’s not much left to surprise.  Your job is to give him a way to make the experience memorable, even though she already knows about the ring.
At the end of the day, every proposal should be special and you want to set your customer up the best that you can for their moment.  The Ring Cam is always a valuable addition for every proposal!"

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